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STYX Rocks My Socks!! [entries|friends|calendar]
Jemima Syrup

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PUPPY!!!! [27 Feb 2006|07:39pm]
[ mood | excited ]

http://www.goldenaussies.com/untitled1.html ... the second puppy down is going to be ours the saturday. the # is #631567. we're thinking "Charlie Allnut Noble" after "Mr Allnut" from the African Queen. i'm so excited... he's adorable. the closing date for the house is the 31st! wooho!

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[14 Feb 2006|07:30pm]
Happy Birthday Mrs. Hillary Hogue! Bag i can't believe i remember that...


What is your most current addresss?
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House and New JOB [06 Feb 2006|06:23pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

wow. matt and i signed a contract to buy a house today. AND i can now become a full-time employee at JU. O happy day. WHERE THE HECK IS ALEX?!?!

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[18 Jan 2006|07:41pm]
i got so f***ing SCREWED todday, it's almost rediculous funny. when i started working at JU, the deal was that the full time positions would be offered to us part time people first. so, i guess thay need a full time, so the young bitch that started working before me got fulltime... not even a WEEK later, my boss called me today to inform me that the overseer of orthodonics wanted someone with more experience so, they hired a NEW girl fulltime. i had to hold back the tears. this is one of the worst days i've had in a while. i hate people.
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[23 Dec 2005|08:43pm]
[ mood | annoyed ]

No one get married, it sucks.

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DAN GOAD PAINTING!!! [16 Dec 2005|10:46pm]
http://www.pbase.com/image/53625940 my dan goad painting!!!!! the colors are off, that's just a quick picture my dad took, the colors are much more vibrant in real life
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Check it out [11 Dec 2005|03:02pm]
http://www.pbase.com/lauranoble/random Here's the pic of A Father Ted look a like
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FATHER TAD? [03 Dec 2005|08:34pm]
OMG... today at work, this guy came in with pictures of himself and his father. Bag. the guys name is TAD and his dad's name is TOD. this guy look JUST LIKE Father TED. i was bagging on the inside. i'm going to scan the pictures and post them somewhere... omg, it was so freaken hilarious. if he only would have had an English accent, he could have been him. the bushy eyebrows and everything. too funny
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[01 Dec 2005|09:26pm]
[ mood | happy ]

Wow... livejournal is certinly losing popularity. well today matt TOTALLY messed up our computer at work. it wass funny tho... he was just playing with resolution, and for some reason it was not showing anything. it wass bad. i called my dad and we spent about 45 mins on the phone trying to fix it. FINALLY

i was just thinking about how you can find yourselves in places you never thought you'd be in. like last year at this time, i never thought i'd be practiclly managing a small business. i really do almost everything but write my own checks and pay the bills... which soon i'm sure i'll be doing. it's kida cool in a way, but scary because i'm STUCK! Matt and i are the ONLY employees. he doesn't know what i do... he certainly couldn't do it all if i decided to go full time at JU. ahh i never did want to work retail. but hey... what can you do.

Kallie, what was with that email... MOM. geeeez. you're funny. so how was the weekend in gainesville?!? ;D eh eh eh tehe send emails to me! NOT MY HUSBAND so i can read them, unless you're secretly sending him love emails, in that case do continue. fine with me. :)

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[29 Nov 2005|09:43pm]
[ mood | blank ]

Well Chalie passed on Saturady. Matt wants a new dog. Golden retriver of course. I made my first "thanksgiving meal" ie a turkey breast and all of the according sides. it was VERY tasty if i might say so.

You know... i never realized how funny South Park is. I want my dad to sing Johnny Cash songs... he can do Elvis, Roy... he should be able to pull it off, he could look like any of them. don't you think?

How come i don't get any more than two comments. :(

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Amusing but sad [24 Nov 2005|09:10pm]
[ mood | uncomfortable ]

~ My husbands dog is dying. SLOWLY dying. He's 15 years old, blind, deaf, has a hip problem. for the past two weeks my mother-in-law has been nursing him with Ensure(old people drink) because he stopped eating due to a mouth infection. And then a week ago he just stopped drinking all together. We left early from work on Wednesday because he was starting to whimper in pain. We thought it was time. On our way up there, we stopped and got Benadryl liquid. The idea was to overdose him. a third of a bottle later, and he's doing just fine.
We can't even kill the damn dog. Before we even gave it to him we went out and dug the hole. Matt said for the next dog ( Roy the brother of Charlie) we're going to cremate him. it's been a while since i've dug a hole. Made it thru the night and Thanksgiving day.
And i have a knot in my back from sleeping in the golden throne... Kallie, Alex... i'm so sorry you slept on that bed. GOD that thing is horrible!

The end

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[02 Nov 2005|08:46pm]
[ mood | excited ]

I am so freaken exicted! I was at work today, and this geeky looking guy comes in and says, "hi i'm Dan Goad." now, for any of you that don't know about him, search online for his stuff... it is amazing! I actaully felt like i was meeting a celebraty or something. at our frame shop, we sell some of his prints and originals. there's on particular print that i love of a turtle.. and i was talking to him and said, you know... i really love the turtle, but i want the original. and he said... oh, well i can paint one for you. ...
my mouth dropped. i'm getting a 18 x 24 watercolor painted FOR JUST ME for $350
I am beyond extatic!!!!!!!!!!
his PRINTS sell online for $400! PRINTS!!!!
Happy day :)

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Crappiest Day EVER! [14 Oct 2005|06:50pm]
[ mood | angry ]

This morning i was awoken by our phone ringing at 3 am. It was my Husband's ex-Fiance' calling because it was her birthday and she wanted him back. She had called about 5 other times before that one yesterday, but we didn't answer. So we wake up and listen to the message. " So what if your married, i wish you were awake... three times a charm..." it was funny, but creepy because she's been stalking him ever since we got married (unstable.) So Matt and i go to work, and immediately, our bosses (Bruce and Fran) start to reprimand us for taking a few days off. They pretty much threatened to fire us. We were going to work Sunday to do inventory, Bruce offered to work Saturday for me because i'm working 6 days a week. So Matt's favorite band "Widespread Panic" is playing in Savannah. he buys tickets, tells fran we won't be doing inventory Sun, and that we called a previous employ to cover for us on Monday cause we'd be hungover. They tell us we are irresponsible and that's not the way they want the company to work. If we were to quit right now, thaey would have to close the shop... that's how BADLY they need us, and yet we can't even get two days off. So inbetween all of this, it's been a month and we still don't have our tag under the Honda. We try calling Honda, the woman doesn't answer. I finally get a hold of someone, and tell the to have a temporary tag ready for us when we get there. We don't have a Real tag beacuse Honda's Tag people said i don't have a valid drivers license number. So, taking Honda's advice to have a new drivers license made, I go and sit in the DMV for and hour... and we also had to leave our work an hour and a half early. My number is finally called and it is valid....
We go to Honda to pick up our temp tag, talk to a manager about our situationm, hopefully it's straightened out ... we shall see.
And now, i'm working on a beer after a shot of Knob Creek and about to go smoke a clove. That was our crappy day.

The End.

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[15 Sep 2005|10:35pm]
[ mood | indescribable ]

I am now 17,000 dollars in debt, oh how wonderful... We got a 2005 Honda Accord Lx
we actalluy paid 20,000 but put 3 down. very tense, but easing as the liquor and nicotine kick in....
oh heavens. but we got a sweet ass car.

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[01 Sep 2005|05:17pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

Wow! i'm happy! I have a great new job working at JU in the Orthodontics department, and it is the best.
i have wanted to work there since i GRADUATED! i am so satisfided feeling.
everyone is easy to get along with, and all i do is just walk around helping the doctors with little stuff. it's the easiest well-paying job you could ask for
ahhh...(sigh of relief) and tonight we're going to stay in a big house with 3 big dogs.


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ATTENTION: STACI AND SANDI [15 Aug 2005|10:36am]
yo yo SANDI OR STACI. what's yous guys address now? where you be?
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[08 Aug 2005|04:57pm]
Hello! well i DID actually get married. if you wanna see ALOT of pics, got to


and then click on noble chester wedding
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[27 Jul 2005|05:00pm]
so i'm getting married saturday. kallie, alex. are you guys gonna be able to come? here's directions if you can.

head over dames point bridge (9A) and get of at Hecksher, first exit after dames point.
stay on AIA north for a LONG time.
you'll pass the Ferry, keep going...
you'll pass Hugenot park, go over a few bridges, and go over the Nassau sound bridge.
then you'll pass thru two roundabouts- keep heading straight.
and then eventually you'll encounter blinking lights at an intersection (AIA CONTINUES TO THE RIGHT),
turn right at that intersection ( corner with Shell station)
keep going straight thru the NEXT light.
follow along beach till another roundabout... go STRAIGHT
and then ATLANTIC AVE will be the next thing, TURN LEFT!
the OXLEY- HEARD chapel (otherwise known as the drive-up funeral home) will be on the right hand side of Atlantic Ave soon after 14th St.
additional parking behind the building.
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STACI AND SANDI.... ALEX! [12 May 2005|06:01pm]
Hey Staci sandi and alex.... DID YOU GET MY MAIL?
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just for alex, staci and sandi [26 Apr 2005|02:35pm]
Alex, Sandi, Staci... home addresses...
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