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STYX Rocks My Socks!!

rocksimus maxsimus...

Jemima Syrup
2 July
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i'm going to Jacksonville University and i drive the coolest car ever... an el camino. that's all there is to know about me.

i'm in gryffindor!
38 special, 80's rock music, a-ha, ac/dc, aerosmith, airplane, aliens, allen chester guitars, aol instant messanger, aragorn, art, austin powers, bacon, banjos, bass, beatles, billy idol, blue oyster cult, bryan adams, buddy holly, cds, chess, chitty chitty bang bang, chuck close, clair de lune, classic rock, coldplay, concerts, damn yankees, dasota, david duchovny, debussy, degas, dennis deyoung, diamond rio, digital cameras, disney movies, dixie chicks, doobie brothers, drawing, dvds, eagles, eddie money, el camino, elvis, eve 6, family, flaming lips, flamingos, fleetwood mac, florida, gibson guitars, going barefoot, golden retrievers, good paintings, green tea, guitar, heart, hon solo, hopper, hot shots!, internet, jehovah's witness, joe perry, johnny cash, johnny van zant, ken macsween, kiss, landslide, latin, led zepplin, little river band, lord of the rings, lynard skynard, mel brooks, mofro, molly hatchet, monet, movie nights, mr. bean, mr. roboto, music, mustangs, non-smokers, oldies, painting, permission to land, photography, piano, pizza, queen, reo speedwagon, rock, roller bladding, rowan atkinson, roxy music, roy orbison, sargent, sci-fi movies, simon and garfunkel, sketchbooks, spongebob squarepants, spoon, star trek next generation, star wars, start trek, statler brothers, steppenwolf, sting, stoopid skate, styx, the beatles, the darkness, the english language, the everly brothers, the platters, the police, the postal service, the scorpions, the temptations, the ventures, three dog night, thrift stores, tommy shaw, van halen, video games, viggo mortensen, walking, water, watermelon, x-files, young frankenstein